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Social Impact

Empower your organization to identify, measure, and showcase your social impact. Social Enterprises that have structured impact measurement processes can have 40X impact over their relative peers who do not have any process to measure real-time socio-economic impact.

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Why do you need to measure your social Impact?


Improve transparency

Improve transparency & and accountability between all stakeholders.


Showcase organizational-level



Empower the organization

Empower the organization by ensuring that your field-level teams own and use data for decision-making.


Create cross-learning opportunities between teams for exponential impact.


Optimize costs

Optimize costs by streamlining reporting and M&E processes.


Effectively allocate resources

through real-time on-ground data.

Benefits of Measuring Social Impact


Optimized Costs

Improved Fundraise

Sustainable Impact

Why Impactree?


Real-Time Data Collection

The platform allows for real-time data collection, enabling organizations to stay current with the evolving needs and priorities of their target audience.


Measurable Impact

Impactree emphasizes measurable outcomes, enabling organizations to track and quantify the impact of their initiatives.


Customizable Surveys and Metrics

The platform allows users to create customized surveys and define specific metrics relevant to their organization's goals and mission, providing a tailored approach to impact measurement.


Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement

Impactree boosts organizational engagement by transparently showcasing tangible social impact results, fostering trust with donors, partners, and the community.


Visual Reporting

The platform provides visual and easy-to-understand reports, facilitating quick analysis and interpretation of data for effective decision-making.

Our Product Offers


M & E Services

  • Track the performance of your impact portfolio by providng a 360 degree view of output, outcome and impact metrices.

  • The KPIs are continuously tracked in real time using our SaaS platform "Prabhaav" where these indicators can be monitored or visualized using project dashboard inbuilt in Prabhaav. The data obtained is further used for analysis and can be accessably reported whenever needed.

  • Based on the Monitoring & Evaluation reports, learning and strategy formation becomes easy and effective for the NGO clients.

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Data Management

  • Build your organisations ability to efforltessly capture data and analyze through our data management services.

  • No need of dedicated IT teams to deploy solutions.

  • Our services ensure that your current data streams are connected to a single platform and enable you to visualize output, outcome and impact indicators to better capture the beneficiary lifecycle.


Impact Assessment

  • Any Social impact intervention requires measurement to showcase Impact for both growth and strategic outlook.

  • Our Impact Assessment services help to quantify the quality of social intervention.

  • Our frameworks and metrics help us strategize on the key aspect of how to measure, while our platform "Prabhaav" efficiently captures data from your beneficiearies while keeping the data secure.

  • Our impact assessment reports are used by social enterprises and CSR to better monitor projects, help in fundriase and make operations more efficient.

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