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Digital Platform in Subsistence Marketplaces

Paper by Madhu Vishwanathan from Loyola Marymount University, published in 2022, which delves into the subsistence marketplaces. It discusses how artisan and weaver communities are utilizing technology to connect with their communities and marketplaces. The paper highlights the groundbreaking work of Rajashri Sai and Vanita Vishwanath within the Shreni network, founded by Sudhir Kamath. The Shreni network, along with Impactree PRABHAV, offers a digital platform focused on fostering socio-cultural embeddedness and trust among weavers and artisans, empowering them to expand their networks.

WTC Mumbai -  Dr. Vanita Vishwanath

The World Trade Centre Mumbai pays tribute to remarkable women achievers in entrepreneurship, academia, and sports. In this special feature, the inspiring journey of Dr. Vanita Viswanath is explored. As the CEO of Udyogini, she revived the organization and introduced innovative programs for microenterprise management, empowering rural women and fostering economic independence. Dr. Viswanath's inclusive approach has brought about sustainable change, influencing other organizations and shaping gender and entrepreneurship initiatives in India's Tier 3 and 4 districts. Her advocacy for women's vital role in balancing development with climate change and environmental conservation is commendable. proudly celebrates Dr. Vanita Viswanath, a valued board member, for her dedication and transformative efforts in empowering women and fostering community development, shaping a more inclusive future.

The Digital Economist's

Impactree is excited to make a valuable contribution to The Digital Economist's book, Meeting the Climate Challenge. Our contribution can be found in Chapter 6, titled "Where the Green Future Begins." These six papers exemplify the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in the sustainability solutioning ecosystem. We highly recommend this book to individuals interested in social impact and sustainability, and we commend The Digital Economist for undertaking such an important initiative.

Ved Arya’s Book of Aspiration Vol. 2

The book chronicles the journey of Rajashri Sai, Founder of Impactree, as she gains inspiration from lives and events around her to create a company that leverages technology to create a difference in the socio-economic context of rural India. To know more about Rajashri Sai, recognized as one of seven women entrepreneurs transforming India by the US state department, check out the Book of Aspiration Vol.2

Elevator Pitch By 

Rajashri Sai - Founder of Impactree.

Rajashri Sai the founder of Impactree, speaks about the workings at Impactree largely in the area of rural livelihoods and education.

Vivek S. Co-founder of Impactree, speaks about how social organisations, HNI foundations and corporates can move from CSR to ESG to assess the impact of their overall footprints.

Webinar on Data Management 101- Structured Approach organized by Catalyst2030 during the #CCW2022


Presented By - Impactree Data Technologies Private Limited

Organized By - Catalysing Change Week - Catalyst 2030



1. Vivek Shankaranarayanan

2. Dr. Vanita Viswanath

3. Dr. N Raveendran


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