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Rajashri Sai, founder, was felicitated at CNBC-TV18 Future Female Forward, an initiative that celebrates and recognizes inspiring women entrepreneurs who have triumphed over challenges, establishing innovative and sustainable business models that contribute significantly to the growth of our country.

Rajashri Sai was a featured speaker at the WOW Foundation's Global 24 Festival, a gathering of women worldwide committed to building a better post-pandemic world.

Rajashri Sai engaged in a conversation with ElsaMarie D'Silva, the Founder & CEO of Red Dot Foundation, as part of the "Sunday Reflections" series, discussing the post-pandemic outlook and their shared values as social entrepreneurs.

Rajashri Sai shared insights on Sociall.In's social media marketing podcast, discussing topics such as transforming business models, ground-up social data SaaS platforms, and the notion of failure.

In the midst of our enthusiastic conversation about Episode 28 of the #MyFirstJobPodcast, Rajashri Sai delves into an enthralling dialogue with Venu Gopal Nair.

Bloomberg featured Impactree on International Women's Day.

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