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At Rubicr, we have confidence in the transformative potential of technology to instigate positive transformations. Our all-encompassing tech platform is meticulously crafted to redefine ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) evaluations, equipping organizations with the necessary resources to make well-informed choices, diminish their carbon footprint, and elevate overall sustainability.

Integrated ESG Tracker

The foundation of our platform is Rubicr's Integrated ESG Tracker, which effortlessly brings together and assesses critical data across environmental, social, and governance aspects. This ensures a thorough understanding of your organization's sustainability performance. With real-time tracking, you can stay current, empowering proactive decision-making.

Key Features​

Personalized Dashboards

Customize the interface according to your unique requirements, emphasizing the metrics that matter most to your business.



Performance Benchmarking

Evaluate your performance in comparison to industry standards, pinpointing areas that can be enhanced.



Automated Reporting

Simplify your reporting workflow by automatically generating ESG reports, thereby saving valuable time and resources.


Key Features​

Emission Monitoring

Keep track of carbon emissions throughout your organization's activities.



Strategic Scenario Analysis

Simulate the consequences of different strategies to pinpoint the most impactful measures for carbon reduction.



Integration of Carbon Offsetting

Effortlessly offset your carbon footprint by linking with certified offset projects.


Carbon Management

The Carbon Management module we've developed is crafted to assist organizations in quantifying, overseeing, and diminishing their carbon emissions. Rubicr enables you to make substantial progress toward a more sustainable future by offering a comprehensive analysis of your carbon footprint.

Supply Chain Management

Rubicr's Supply Chain Management module enables organizations to assess and improve the sustainability of their supply chains. It helps identify potential risks, optimize processes, and promote transparency by providing a holistic perspective on the entire supply chain.

Key Features​

Supplier Risk Evaluation

Evaluate the environmental and social consequences associated with your suppliers to guarantee conformity with your sustainability objectives.



Supply Chain Traceability

Monitor the path of raw materials throughout your supply chain, fostering transparency and ethical sourcing practices.


Key Features​

ESG Integration

Enhance financial risk models by integrating ESG data to conduct a thorough risk assessment.


Predictive Analytics

Foresee potential financial risks linked to ESG factors through advanced analytics.


Financial Risk Management

Rubicr acknowledges the inherent connection between sustainability and financial performance. Within our Financial Risk Management module, we incorporate ESG factors into assessments, offering a comprehensive perspective to enhance the development of more effective risk mitigation strategies.

  • Select from leading global or tailored frameworks.

  • Integrate ESG data with operational metrics for daily operations monitoring.

  • Connect with manual data streams.

  • Implement intelligent data validation.

  • Utilize rating and customized analytics.

Our Future Vision

Establish a marketplace for ESG solutions and collaborations with partners.

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