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Elevator Pitch By 

Rajashri Sai - Founder of Impactree.

Rajashri Sai the founder of Impactree, speaks about the workings at Impactree largely in the area of rural livelihoods and education.

Vivek S. Co-founder of Impactree, speaks about how social organisations, HNI foundations and corporates can move from CSR to ESG to assess the impact of their overall footprints.

Webinar on Data Management 101- Structured Approach organized by Catalyst2030 during the #CCW2022


Presented By - Impactree Data Technologies Private Limited

Organized By - Catalysing Change Week - Catalyst 2030



1. Vivek Shankaranarayanan

2. Dr. Vanita Viswanath

3. Dr. N Raveendran


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