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Prabhaav leverages technology to carry out impact assessments by developing streamlined databases, standardized questionnaires, and statistical correlations. This approach improves decision-making in the field and enables the collection of feedback from a significant number of respondents, even in widely dispersed geographic locations, in a cost-effective and timely manner.


We are committed to helping social sector enterprises identify, capture and showcase the real parameters of their impact, to inspire donors to support them.

Our interventions have helped organisations uncover learnings that have altered the strategies on the field and increased the efficiency of their programs.

Our solutions help lower the cost of data collection, improve the quality of data collected, and provide real-time data capture on an ongoing basis.




What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Image by Jordan Crawford

Impactree has helped us to strategise. They helped us accurately measure our impact to be presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner. In fact, Impactree was pivotal in us securing donor support during the COVID-19 pandemic and our first-ever CSR funding. Thank you very much, Rajashri and Team Impactree for helping us espouse our cause.

Dr. Tatyana Dias, CEO - Veruschka Foundation


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